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13 years of epic adventures await you!

"Dive into Guabina, our private server that has been the home of thrilling battles, unbreakable alliances, and memorable adventures for 13 years. Join our community and become a part of the legend. Here, the legacy continues and every day is a new chance to become a hero. We await you in the lands of Guabina, where legends never die!"


Summer Dungeon

Sail into the depths of this underwater dungeon where the sun barely reaches. The Shark Boss, an ancient and formidable creature, prowls the depths, defending the secrets that the ocean has jealously guarded.

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Druid Sanctuary

Enter the sacred Druid Sanctuary, a dungeon wrapped in ancient mysteries and natural magics. Do you dare face the challenges?

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Scorpion Ruins

An ancient forgotten battle temple where the shadows of a distant past still crawl through its nooks. To conquer this temple, you must face this majestic and fearsome adversary and put an end to his reign of terror.

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Temple of Andun

A majestic structure that defies time and holds the secrets of past ages. The giant guardian, with eternal eyes, protects the altars that are the very essence of this temple. You must face this ancient guardian and prove that you are worthy of the knowledge and treasures that this place safeguards.

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What is the server's experience (EXP) rate?

A: The server has a medium-high experience rate as it is more focused on PVP.

What is the item drop rate?

A: The item drop has a perfect balance that seeks to maintain stable trade among players.

Is the server Pay-to-Win (P2W)?

A: Todo el equipamiento PvM y PvP se encuentra en el juego de maneria gratuita completando mazmorras y destruyendo metines.

Are there any packages or bonuses for new players?

A: Upon starting, you will receive everything necessary to advance to level 75 and acquire items for the next stages.